XADO Refrigerant 134a

XADO Refrigerant 134a

Automobile refrigerant.

Gas-refrigerant XADO Refrigerant R-134a is applied for automobile air-conditioning systems.

It belongs to the group of hydrogenous fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC-Hydro Fluoro Carbon) which are safe for the Earth’s ozone layer (destruction potential of the ozone layer ODP = 0).

Technical info:

  • Color, visual Colourless gas
  • Chemical formula CF3CFH2 (tetrafluorethane)
  • Molecular weight 102.031
  • Melting point, 0С -101
  • Boiling point, 0С -26.5
  • Critical temperature, 0С 101.5
  • Critical density, kg/l 0,55385
  • Critical pressure, mPa 4,06
  • Purity, % 99,99

Range of application:

  • Automobile, household air conditioners;
  • Gas-propellent;
  • Foaming agent in foamed plastic production.


XADO Refrigerant R134a is not toxic and doesn’t inflame during operating temperatures. Under the influence of open flame the vapors of R134a are decomposed, forming toxic and irritating combinations such as hydrogen fluoride.


Aerosol can 500 ml (Art. ХА 60105)

Cylinder 13,6 kg (Art. ХА60005)



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