XADO Antifreeze RED 12++ -40 °С

XADO Antifreeze RED 12++ -40 °С

Ready-to-use fluid for the engine cooling system.

Coloured crimson.

Requirements and approvals:

XADO Antifreeze RED 12++ -40 °С Meets the requirements of the manufacturer approvals:

TL774 G (G12++) Bentley
VW Audi
Seat Skoda
Lamborghini Scania TB 1451


Can 1.1 kg (XA 50008)

Can 4.5 kg (XA 50308)

Bucket 20 L (XA 58508)

Barrel 60 L (XA 50608)

Barrel 200 L (XA 50708)

  • Specially developed for one-time filling with the cooling fluid for the whole operation period of vehicles manufactured by VW-Audi Group since 2009.
  • Formulated on the basis of premium-grade monoethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors of the new generation.
  • A package of anticorrosion additives is based on the cutting edge Hybrid Organic Additive Technology (HOAT) wherein an innovative combination of organic acids and high-reactive silicon compositions is used.
  • Contains revitalizant, which protects bearings of the pump and ensures its operation in an emergency situation.
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