XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40 °С

XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40 °С

Ready-to-use fluid for the engine cooling system.

Coloured green.


Compatible and can be mixed with regular cooling fluids for cars (blue, green and yellow) on the basis of ethylene glycol

XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40ºC concentrate must be diluted with distilled or tap water before application.

The ratio of XADO Antifreeze Green 11 to water depends on the minimal temperature of car operation.

XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40°C


Temperature, °С

1 part

1 part

- 15

2 parts

1 part

- 20

3 parts

1 part

- 30

Requirements and Approvals:

XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40 °С meets the requirements of the following specifications:

ASTM D 3306 (USA) SAE J 1034 (USA)
Bundeswehr TK-BA2-3-6580-008 French Army
Swedish Army

XADO Antifreeze Green 11 -40 °С meets the requirements of the manufacturer approvals:

VW TL 774 С (G11) Porsche
MB 325.0 MAN 324 Type NF
BMW N 600 69.0 Renault Type D
Opel/GM B 040 0240 Volvo
SAAB 6901 599 Scania TB1451
MTU MTL 5048


During engine operation the water in the coolant slowly evaporates and the concentration of the coolant increases. That is why it is necessary to add water in order to keep the necessary water level.

By leakage in the cooling system the water solution of antifreeze should be added.


Can 2,2 kg (XA 50206)

Can 20 L (XA 58506)

Barrel 60 L (XA 50606)

Barrel 60 L (XA 50606)

  • Exceeds the requirements to cooling fluids for engines of passenger cars and trucks manufactured by VW, MB, BMW, Opel, MAN, Volvo and other car manufacturers.
  • Formulated on the basis of premium-grade monoethylene glycol and high-performance corrosion inhibitors.
  • Ensures faultless operation of the cooling system during 3.5 years 75,000 km of run).
  • Contains revitalizant, which protects pump bearings and ensures pump operation in emergency situations.·        
  • The product is developed to provide reliable operation of cooling systems of modern car engines, can be used during the warranty period and after it·
  • Provides optimal temperature conditions for engine operation in all modes, including loaded modes (transportation of goods, extreme driving)
  • Possesses significant reserve of anticorrosive properties
  • Prevents deposits formation and keeps the cooling system perfectly clean
  • Completely safe for aluminum and alloys, synthetic materials and rubber; does not exert aggressive impact on plastics as well as on paint and lacquer coatings of a car
  • Allows the use of tap water for making the coolant
  • Due to Revitalizant®, protects the bearing of the cooling system pump in case of sudden damage or oil seal wear
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