XADO Antifreeze Blue BS -40°С

XADO Antifreeze Blue BS -40°С

Concentrate / ready-to-use fluid for the engine cooling system.

Coloured blue.

Requirements and Approvals:

XADO Antifreeze BLUE BS -40°С Meets the requirements of the following specifications:

BS 6580 (UK) SAE J 1034 (USA)
ASTM D 3306/D 4656 (USA) AFNOR NFR 15-601 (France)
ONORM V5123 (Austria) JIS K 2234 (Japan)
UNE 26-361 (Spain) AS 2108 (Australia)
CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy)  


Can 2.2 kg (XA 50205)

Bucket 20 L (XA 58505)

Barrel 60 L (XA 50605)

Barrel 200 L (XA 50705)

  • Ensures optimal temperature conditions in all operation modes of the engine.
  • Prevents foaming of fluid and formation of bubbles, guarantees maximum performance of the pump and efficient heat rejection.
  • Prevents deposit formation and keeps the cooling system clean.
  • Possesses significant anti-corrosion protection reserve.
  • Safe for aluminum and alloys, synthetic materials and rubber.
  • Does not exert aggressive impact on plastics as well as on paint and lacquer coatings of a car.
  • Compatible and mixable with regular automobile cooling fluids (of a blue colour).
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