Restoring compound for automobile air conditioners. Contains refrigerant R-134а and synthetic oil with revitalizant.

This complex product is designed for automobile air conditioners.

It compensates the gas-refrigerant losses and improves cooling.


  • To restore and recharge an air-conditioner: 1 can of ХАDО А/С per one system with the volume up to 1.3 L (1 kg) R-134a.
  • For restoring repair of a worn air-conditioner compressor: 2 cans per one system. As a preventive measure for new and completely charged conditioners: 1 can once a year.


Use Test-Connector with a pressure gauge for charging an air-conditioner.


125 ml – aerosol can (Art. XA 60001).


Recharging device with in-line gauge for testing and charging automobile air conditioners.

It is specially designed for automobile air conditioners using R-134a refrigerant.

It is applied:
  • To check the charge of the air conditioning system with refrigerant;
  • To charge or recharge automobile air conditioners.



Due to revitalizant it increases the resource of the compressor and compensates current wear of its parts.

It is applied for full or partial charging (recharging) of cooling systems of all types with freon R-134a and for full charging of cooling systems with freon R-12.


  • Compensates losses of gas - refrigerant (freon) and oil.
  • Extends the resources of the compressor and compensates current wear of its parts.
  • Restores the air-tightness of the conditioner and reduces the leakage of gas - refrigerant (freon).
  • Restores the elasticity and durability of the cooling system compressors and prolongs their life span.
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