Refrigerant R-134a with XADO REFRIGERATION Atomic oil for automobile air conditioners. Contains atomic revitalizant.

Refrigerant R-134a with a special synthetic oil based on esters with atomic revitalizant.

It is developed to replace the CFC refrigerant R-12 which causes the destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth.


The amount of the refrigerant R-134a charged into automobile air conditioners is usually 500 - 1,300 g.

Three cans of the refrigerant XADO Refrigerant 134a & Oil are enough to charge most air conditioners.


Use TEST-CONNECTOR with a pressure gauge for charging an air-conditioner.


Aerosol can 500 ml (Art. XA 60105)


Recharging device with in-line gauge for testing and charging automobile air conditioners. It is specially designed for automobile air conditioners using R-134a refrigerant. It is applied:

  • To check the charge of the air conditioning system with refrigerant;
  • To charge or recharge automobile air conditioners.


The oil based on the esters possesses excellent lubricating properties, increased adherence to part surfaces, and shows high chemical and hydrolytic stability. It can be easily mixed with HFC refrigerants R-134a (404a, 407c, etc.). The atomic revitalizant contained in XADO Refrigerant 134a & Oil compensates current wear of parts and units of the compressor and increases its resource.

It is used to charge (recharge) the automobile air conditioners with R-134a refrigerant (cars produced since 1993).


  • Improves cooling capacity of an air conditioner.
  • Compensates current wear of parts of the air conditioner compressor.
  • Decreases noise and vibrations.
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