NON-FREEZING windshield washer fluid  -32 °C  CONCENTRATE

NON-FREEZING windshield washer fluid -32 °C CONCENTRATE

  • Possesses strong detergent effect;
  • Does not form foam;
  • Does not leave lime deposit;
  • Safe for health.


Pour the fluid into a windshield washer.
Use diluted with water or in undiluted state (depending upon the ambient temperature).

Ambient temperature, °С Fluid concentrate, l Water, l
0… –5 1 2
–5… –10 1 1
–10… –20 2 1
–20… –32 1 -


Surface-active substances, water- and dirt repellent nanocomponents, propan-2-ol, ethylene glycol, aromatizer, dye, softened water.


Packet 2 L (Аrt. XA 50010)

The fluid is made using new technology OPEN VISION SYSTEM®:

3D detergent effect:

  • Efficiently removes ice and hoarfrost;
  • Cleans car window from any kind of contamination;
  • Prevents formation of oil film on a windshield.


  • Cleans injectors;
  • Removes lime deposit and prevents its formation;
  • Can be used together with tap water.


  • Special modern formula ensuring low foam formation.

Additional advantages:

  • Defrosts frozen liquid in a windshield washer;
  • Prevents ice formation in injectors;
  • Safe for health, does not contain methyl alcohol;
  • Neutral to lacquer coatings, chromium, rubber and plastics.
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