Antifreeze Red 12+

Antifreeze Red 12+

Fluid concentrate for engine cooling systems.

Exceeds the requirements of VW, MB, Ford, Opel, MAN and other manufacturers for refrigerating fluids for engines of passenger cars and trucks.

Specially colored crimson.

Formulated on the base of high quality monoethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors of new generation. Contains revitalizant.

Technical info:

  • Water evaporates in refrigerating fluid gradually during the period of engine operation and it increases antifreeze concentration. Therefore it’s important to add water in order to keep the necessary level of refrigerating fluid.
  • Add antifreeze, diluted with water, regularly if fluid leakage occurs in a car cooling system.
  • XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ must be diluted with distilled or tap water before application.
  • Proportion of XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ / water depends on the minimal car operating temperature.
  • XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ provides maximum anticorrosion protection of a car cooling system in solution with water.
  • XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ is compatible and mixed with any other car refrigerating fluids (blue, green, yellow, violet colour).


To prepare the coolant you will need the following ratio of XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ to water:

XADO Antifreeze Red 12+


Temperature, °ะก

1 part (33%)

2 parts (67%)

- 17

1 part (50%)

1 part (50%)

- 36

2 parts (67%)

1 part (33%)

- 64

Requirements and approvals:

XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ meets the requirements of the following specifications:

JASO M325 NATO S-759
ASTM D3306/ D4656/4985 BS 6580

XADO Antifreeze Red 12+ meets the the requirements of the manufacturer approvals:

Deutz/MWM 0199- 99-1115 Deutz/MWM 0199-99-2091
VW TL 774 F (G12+) VW TL 774 D (G12+)
Opel-GM6277M +B0401065 MB 325.3
Ford WSS-M97B44-D MAN 324 Type SNF
PSA Scania TB1451
Renault Type-D Detroit Diesel (incl Powercool plus)


Can 1.1 kg (XA 50001)

Can 4.5 kg (XA 50301)

Can 20 L (XA 58501)

Barrel 60 L (XA 50601)

Barrel 200 L (XA 50701)

  • Specially designed to increase maintenance intervals of engine cooling systems
  • Guarantees perfect operation up to 5 years (200 000 km)
  • Ensures optimal thermal conditions of engine under any operating regime
  • Has maximum possible reserve of anticorrosion protection
  • Prevents formation of deposits and keeps cooling system clean
  • Absolutely safe for aluminum and alloys, synthetic materials and rubber; doesn’t attack plastic and lacquer coating of a car
  • Possible use of tap water for preparing refrigerating fluid
  • Due to revitalizant it protects pump bearing of cooling system by sudden damage or wear of the seal

Why XADO Antifreeze G12+ contains revitalizant

Pump is the most important and expensive unit in a car cooling system. Pump makes refrigerating fluid circulate in the pipes and canals. Bearing is the “weakest” part of a pump. Seal protects it from refrigerating fluid. If seal tightness is damaged, antifreeze gets in the bearing and disables a pump.

Revitalizant in XADO Antifreeze G12+ allows to protect pump and ensures pump operation under emergency conditions twice longer than without revitalizant XADO.

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