XADO Maximum for Power Steering Booster of Diesel Truck

XADO Maximum for Power Steering Booster of Diesel Truck

Designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection of power steering booster of trucks and other hydraulic equipment. Innovative 2-component product of new generation combining the advantages of metal conditioner and 3-rd generation revitalizant.


1. Introduce the contents of the syringe in the fluid, which is warmed up to the operating temperature, in the tank of a power steering booster.
2. After the revitalizant is applied and the engine is turned on, wait 2–3 minutes and turn the steering wheel for 5 minutes.
3. Revitalization is considered complete after the mechanism has been in operation for 50 hours (or 1,500 km or 950 miles of run)
* It is recommended preliminary to dissolve the contents of the syringe in small amount (~ 150 ml) of used hydraulic fluid. If the fluid in the tank of a power steering pump is contaminated (opaque or has change its initial color etc.), it is recommended to change hydraulic fluid before application.


A typical sign for beginning of the revitalization process is improvement in operation of the steering mechanism (reduction of the steering effort and noise, operation accuracy) starting from the first kilometers/miles of run after the treatment.

Oil system capacity, L 3–5 5–10 10–15
Quantity of 30 ml syringes,pcs 1 1 2
Treatment pattern single-time

Up to 5 liters oil system capacity


Syringe 30 ml (Art. XA 40016)

  • Improves the pump performance
  • Reduce the steering effort
  • Eliminates pump howl caused by wear
  • Increases operation precision of the power steering booster already after 50–100 km after application
  • Reduces noise and vibration level of power steering pump
  • Increases power pressure of the hydraulic system
  • Protects parts against wear by low oil level
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