XADO SnipeX gel-Revitalizant A unique composition designed for improvement of shooting accuracy. REVITALIZANT® restores the inner surface of the barrel bore thus extending its service life span and increasing accuracy. The product is recommended for treatment of rifled barrels of all types and calibres with regular and chrome-plated surfaces.



1. Clean the barrel bore as usual and wipe it off dry.

2. Apply a small amount of the gel (up to 1 ml) throughout the inner bore surface with a cleaning rod.

3. Evenly apply the gel on the exposed surface of the bullet.

4. Make a shot.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the tube is completely emptied.

6. Clean the barrel bore as usual.

7. To complete the treatment it is recommended to make from 10 to 30 shots (depending on the amount of the applied gel).


Blister 27 ml, (Art. XA 10036)

  •       Restores the geometry of the bore channel (complete obturation);
  •       Increases grouping by 80% at 100 metres;
  •      Increases killing power of the given ammo;
  •      Stabilizes gyroscopic positioning of the bullet (better penetration roundness at target);
  •      Protects barrel from wear and corrosion;
  •      Increases life span of the barrel up to 10 times;
  •      Makes new firearm a higher class weapon;
  •      1-time application guarantees wear protection for up to 3000 shots.
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