Gel-Revitalizant EX 120 for All types of Fuel Equipment

Gel-Revitalizant EX 120 for All types of Fuel Equipment

Gel-Revitalizant EX 120 for All types of Fuel Equipment is designed for restoration, repair and wear-out protection of friction parts of fuel pumps and injectors of gasoline and diesel engines. 

During the treatment of fuel pumps it forms a protective ceramic-metal coating on the surfaces of metal friction parts. As a result the geometry of parts is restored. 

REVITALIZANT® is universally applied to all types of fuel systems including K-/ KE-/L-Jetronic®, Common Rail, Pumpe-Düse and others.

Technical info:

Main characteristics of the cermet coating:

  • Microhardness – 750 kg/mm2;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Roughness Ra up to 0.06 mkm.


Treatment procedure for a high pressure fuel pump of a diesel engine with oil capacity up to 5 L:

Step 1: Squeeze the content of one tube into the fuel tank with a minimal amount of fuel.

Step 2: Fill the tank with 40 L of fuel.

Step 3: Drive the car in regular mode.

The treatment is considered to be completed after about  100 hour of mechanism operation or 3,000 km of run.


For diesel engines of heavy vehicles and other diesel engines of different volume the dosage of Gel-Revitalizant for All types of Fuel Equipment should be calculated according to the table below:

Engine capacity, L Quantity of tubes, pcs. Treatment scheme
0-5 1 Once
5-15 2 Once
15-30 3 Once

Wear-out resistance of the protective coating is guaranteed for 1 year.


Blister package, tube 9 ml (Art. XA 10333)


  • XADO revitalizant is compatible with all types of fuel, does not have chemical reaction and does not change physical-chemical characteristics.
  • XADO revitalizant is compatible with any additives to the fuel, no matter in what sequence they are applied.
  • The protective cermet coating is formed on any working mechanism, however, if the state of the mechanism is critical (100% wear-out), the damaged parts should be replaced.


  • Protects from low quality fuel.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Restores geometry of parts and protects friction parts of fuel pumps, spray burners and pump-injector units from wear-out.
  • Increases engine power.
  • Reduces noise and vibration level.
  • Decreases the level of toxic components in exhaust gases.
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