XADO Atomic Metal conditioner 1 Stage Maximum

XADO Atomic Metal conditioner 1 Stage Maximum

XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner 1 Stage Maximum is a revolutionary three stage engine treatment that rebuilds metal, reduces friction, and lubricates engine parts. The product contains 100% (RF100) of the active ingredient - Revitalizant®,- necessary for a complete revitalization cycle. Revitalizant® - the active ingredient that rebuilds metal - is activated by high-heat and friction, so it only repairs metal at high-friction points where metal wear occurs. 


  1. Make sure the automobile engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature. Turn off the vehicle.
  2. Shake the bottle for one minute and ensure it is at room temperature so that contents flow freely.
  3. Introduce* its contents into the engine oil reservoir.
  4. Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes. Then drive as you normally would. It takes 1000 to 1500 km to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended.

*Granules of Revitalizant completely dissolve in motor oil at normal operating temperature.


1 Bottle treats an automobile engine with an oil capacity of 5 liters.

Larger vehicles with higher oil capacities may require more. As a general rule, use 1 bottle of Maximum for every 5 liters of oil.


  • Repeated application of 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner is recommended after 100 000 km.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately and show this container or label to medical personnel. Avoid release into the environment; refer to special instructions/ material safety data sheet.


Box, bottle 225 ml (XA 40212)

No matter how well a car is maintained, high heat and friction cause a car’s engine to become worn, scratched, and misshapen over time. Adding just one bottle of XADO Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner to your engine oil rebuilds worn engine metal, and coats the rebuilt metal at the friction points with a self-regulating layer of ceramic-metal to prevent future wear. Revitalizant leaves crank-cases and non-friction metal unaffected. 

XADO engine treatments do not cake, flake, or alter oil viscosity. This makes it safe to use even in the most sensitive vehicles. Atomic Metal Conditioner1 Stage Maximum works in all gasoline-powered, natural-gas and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks and 4-stroke motorcycles with oil system up to 5 liters. Can be combined with all types of motor oils, from full synthetic to mineral oils.


  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear;
  • Increases horsepower and acceleration;
  • Increases engine compression;
  • Restores lost oil pressure;
  • Protects metal parts from overheating and overloading;
  • Improves lubricating properties of oil and tribological characteristics of engine unit;
  • Reduces fuel consumption;
  • Increases engine life;
  • Decreases toxic carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions;
  • 1-time application provides engine wear protection up to 100 000 km;
  • Decreases noise and vibrations.
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