Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for all types of fuel equipment for Diesel Truck

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for all types of fuel equipment for Diesel Truck

The product is designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection of fuel equipment in diesel engines of heavy duty vehicles and equipment. 


Treatment pattern for a fuel equipment of an engine with the capacity of 10–15 L.

1. Introduce the contents of the syringe into the fuel tank before fuelling.

2. Pour at least 150 L of fuel into the fuel tank.

3. Run the car in a regular operating mode.


Engine capacity, L 10-15 15-25 25-40
Quntity of 30 ml syringes, pcs. 1 2 3
Treatment scheme Once Once Once


The temperature of the compound before the application should be not less than +25 °C. It is recommended to clean the fuel system of the engine before the treatment.


Syringe 30 ml (XA 40026)

During the treatment of fuel pumps REVITALIZANT® forms a ceramic-metal coating on surfaces of friction parts thus modifying operating surfaces and compensating the ongoing wear of fuel equipment parts. As a result, operational parameters of fuel pumps improve. Universal application in all injection systems, including Common Rail and unit injector/Pumpe-Düse.

Owing to the two-component formula atomic metal conditioner Maximum Fuel Equipment for Diesel Truck provides an extra level of antiwear protection. It possesses an extended potential of worn surfaces restoration. The product forms a ceramic-metal coating with a long-term regenerative potential.

One syringe (30 ml) is enough for the treatment of a fuel equipment and injection system with the engine system capacity of 10–15 L.


  • Restores the surfaces and provides antiwear protection of friction parts of all types of fuel pumps, as well as injectors and unit injectors;
  • Provides reliable protection from low-quality fuel;
  • Reduces fuel consumption;
  • Increases engine capacity;
  • Reduces noise and vibration;
  • Reduces the number of toxic components in exhaust gases.
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