XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF
Product contains Revitalizant Best seller

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF Full synthetic motor oil with excellent performance level. Contains Atomic Revitalizant. 

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF is a multigrade fully synthetic motor oil for engines operating under heavy-loaded operation regimes. This motor oil is formulated on the base of complex synthetic base oils. These oils contain polyalphaolefines (PAO) which are very stable to extreme loads.

Technical info:

  • Density at 20 °С, kg/l - 0,850
  • Viscosity at 100 °С, mm2/s - 18,4
  • Viscosity at 40 °С, mm2/s - 119
  • Viscosity at -30 °С, mPa s - 5120
  • Viscosity index - 171
  • Flash point, °С - 224
  • Pour point, °С - <-45
  • Easy start temperature, °С - -30
  • Sulphated ash, wt.- 1,19
  • Base number, mgKOH/g - 9,7


XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF meets the requirements of specifications:

SAE 5W-50 ACEA A3/B3

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF meets the requirements of the auto manufacturers:

BMW Longlife Porsche
VW 501.00/505.00



Can 1 L (XA 24107)

Can 4 L (XA 20207)


XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF is also alloyed with high-quality additive packages. Therefore this motor oil not only meets the highest performance requirements, but also noticeably exceeds them.

Power reserve, speeding-up, acceleration will be always kept in top condition due to the patented formula of Atomic Revitalizant included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.


  • Irreplaceable for racing amateurs. Due to the revitalizant the engine is also protected from wear under acceleration and extreme regimes.
  • Especially effective for sports cars and all-wheel drive vehicles under heavy-duty regimes, high rotary speed and high thermal loads.
  • Has the best protective properties, which remain stable even under extended oil change periods, meets BMW Longlife tolerance requirements.
  • Due to high viscosity-temperature properties, which meet SAE 5W-50 specification, it ensures fast lubrication of the parts, protection of the engine under "cold start" and easy start at very low temperatures.
  • Multigrade application for different types of gasoline, gas and diesel engines of passenger cars, minibuses and small trucks.

The base oil XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF is formulated on the base of synthetic hydrocarbons (polyalphaolefines) from the components of the oil from the shelf oilfield of the North Sea.

Viscosity properties XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF provide a wide temperature range of application from – 30°С up to 50 °С under normal and extreme operating conditions.

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF exceeds the requirements of the highest American and European specifications for motor oils for passenger cars.

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