XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 E4/E6/E7
Product contains Revitalizant New

XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 E4/E6/E7

Synthetic motor oil manufactured according to «low SAPS» technology for ultra high performance diesel engines (UHPD).

Contains atomic revitalizant.

Multigrade motor oil applied in ultra high performance diesel engines Euro IV (V), where the application of oils with low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur is prescribed (low SAPS – low level of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulphur).

Physicochemical properties:

  • Density at 20⁰С, kg/L - 0,856
  • Viscosity at 100⁰С, mm²/s - 14,4
  • Viscosity at 40⁰С, mm²/s - 94,8
  • Dynamic viscosity at -25 ⁰С, mPa s - <7000
  • Viscosity index - 157
  • Flashpoint, ⁰С - 233
  • Pour point, ⁰С - <-36
  • Sulphated ash, % wt. - <0,90


When applying the oil, take into consideration recommendations of the car manufacturer.


XADO ATOMIC OIL 10W-40 E4/E6/E7 meets the requirements for the following specifications:

SAE 10W-40 ACEA E4/E6/E7

XADO ATOMIC OIL 10W-40 E4/E6/E7 meets the requirements of the manufacturers:

MB 228.5/228.51/226.9 MAN M3277, М3477
Volvo VDS-3 Renault: RXD MTU Type 3 and 3.1


Barrel 60 L (Art. XA 20645)

  • Meets the highest requirements of Mercedes MB 228.51, MAN M3477 (ACEA E6) for motor oils for diesel engines Euro IV (V) with a low toxicity level and extended service intervals.
  • May be applied to Euro III trucks where the application of oils meeting the requirements of the specifications ACEA E4, МВ 228.5, MAN М3277, Renault RXD, DAF HP-2 etc. is prescribed.
  • Due to an additive package manufactured according to a progressive technology, possesses energy-saving properties and keeps both the oil and the engine perfectly pure and clean during all the life time of the mechanism.
  • Due to revitalizant, compensates the ongoing wear of parts and assemblies and provides the highest level of maintenance.
  • As a long-life oil, is applied to engines with extra-extended oil change intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer, operation conditions and filtration method. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced.
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