XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic

XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic

XADO ATOMIC OIL 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic synthetic motor oil. Specially designed for engines operating at extremely low temperatures of ambient air.
Contains atomic revitalizant.

XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic is the best arctic synthetic motor oil for today.

Formulated on basis of special complex easy-flowing synthetic base oil. Alloyed with the special additive package.

Technical info:

  • Density at 4,5°C , kg/l - 0,907
  • Viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s - 26,5
  • Viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s - 363
  • Viscosity at -35°C , mPa s - 6050
  • Viscosity index -172
  • Flash point, °C - 215 
  • Pour point,  - <-53
  • Base number, mgKOH/g - 9,7


Motor oil XADO ATOMIC OIL 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic meets specifications:

SAE 0W-40 ACEA A3/B3

Motor oil XADO ATOMIC OIL 0W-40 SL/CF Arctic meets the requirements of manufacturers:

MB 229.1 VW 500.00/505.00


Can 5 L (ХА 20303)


It exceeds the requirements of the highest American (API SL/CF), European (ACEA A3/B3) standards and specifications of the leading auto manufacturers (MB,VW) for the oils for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and small trucks.

Safe start at low temperatures and reliability of the engine operation will be always kept in top condition due to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant, included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective tendency in the area of energy and resource-savings and confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.


  • Specially designed for car operation at extremely low (arctic) temperatures.
  • Due to the complex synthetic base the oil possesses unique low-temperature viscosity properties and maintains fluidity at up to – 52°C.
  • The oil has perfect pumpability and penetrates into any part of the engine 3 times faster than regular synthetic oils SAE 5W-40, 5W-30 by the engine start.
  • Guarantees easy start of the cold engine at temperatures of ambient air up to +45°C.
  • Due to a wide range of viscosity (SAE 0W-40) it is very effective for multigrade application.
  • Lubricates and ensures reliability of the engine operation under any operating mode.
  • Prevents deposits formation and keeps engine clean
  • Reduces oil burn-off.
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