XADO Atomic Oil 0W-20 SN

XADO Atomic Oil 0W-20 SN

Easy-flowing, energy-saving synthetic motor oil of a new generation. Contains atomic revitalizant. 

The oil is applied to gasoline engines of passenger cars.

The oil is officially licensed by American Petroleum Institute (API). It meets the highest requirements to oils for gasoline engines in terms of its performance properties (API SN) and resource and energy saving (ILSAC GF-5)

Physicochemical properties:

  • Density at 20°С, kg/l - 0,8705
  • Viscosity at 100 °С, mm2/s -8,5
  • Viscosity at 40°С, mm2/s - 43,6
  • Viscosity at -35 °С , mPa s - <6200
  • Viscosity index - 176
  • Flash point, °С  - 202
  • Pour point, °С  - <-45
  • Easy start temperature, °С  - - 25
  • Sulphated ash, wt.- 1,37

Requirements and Approvals:

XADO Atomic Oil 0W-20 SN Drive Meets the requirements of the following specifications:



Can 1 L (XA 20167)

Can 4 L (XA 20267)

  • Developed for modern (manufactured after 2010) American and Japanese cars which require application of low-viscosity oils with the highest performance properties.
  • Specially designed for cars requiring oils with SAE 0W-20 viscosity grade (Honda, Acura).
  • Provides reliable lubrication and protection of engines having a high specific power including multivalve and turbocharged ones, engines with intercooling of forced air or those with direct injection, requiring extended oil change intervals.
  • Can be used in hybrid cars, in cars running on biofuel with up to 85% ethanol content (B85).
  • Owing to the reduced high-temperature viscosity which corresponds to SAE 20 viscosity grade, the oil provides up to 3% fuel savings as compared with oils having SAE xW-40 viscosity grade and up to 1.5% fuel savings as compared to oils with SAE xW-30 viscosity grade.
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