XADO Atomic Oil LHM

XADO Atomic Oil LHM

High-quality mineral fluid for automotive hydraulic systems. Contains atomic revitalizant.

Special hydraulic fluid on the mineral base for hydropneumatic suspensions of Citroen cars. Applied for hydraulic systems of other models of passenger cars and trucks with steering wheel booster or integrated hydraulic systems (hydraulic power steering – level adjustment – servo-drive of brake system and transmission) where the manufacturer recommends to use fluids of LHM type.

Technical info:

  • Density at 4,5°C, kg/l - 0,907
  • Viscosity at 100°C , mm2/s - 26,5
  • Viscosity at 40°C , mm2/s - 363
  • Viscosity at –40°C , mPa s - <1200
  • Viscosity index - >300
  • Flash point,   °C - >125
  • Pour point, °C - <-60
  • Colour - green


  • Specially colored green. Can be mixed in any proportion and is compatible with any other mineral hydraulic fluid of LHM type.
  • It is not recommended to mix it with other types of fluids.
  • It is not admissible to use the fluid in brake system where auto manufacturer specifies the application of fluids DOT-3, DOT-4 (it is recommended to apply XADO DOT-4 in this case).
  • Fully compatible with all types of materials and sealants applied in hydraulic systems of modern cars.


XADO LHM meets the requirements:

ISO 7308 PSA AFNOR NF R 12-640
Citroёn PSA-B-71 2710



Can 1 L (XA 20126)


  • Has outstanding lubricating properties and ensures accurate operation of hydraulic system units during their life span.
  • Due to the low pour point (-60 °C) the fluid guarantees reliable hydraulic system operation even at very low temperatures.
  • Does not have corrosive effect on metals used in hydraulic systems providing longer life resource.
  • Compensates current wear of units and parts of hydraulic pumps and drives.
  • Prevents internal leakage of the fluid.
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