XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI

XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI

Semi-synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions. Possesses the most effective performance level. Contains atomic revitalizant. 

XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI is the best semi-synthetic fluid for all types of automatic transmissions including six-speed automatic transmissions. The fluid meets the latest requirements of General Motors for operating fluids for automatic transmissions. Special additive package and revitalizant protect bearings, spool-and-sleeves, torque converter clutch and gears extending transmission life span.

Technical info:

  • Density at 20°C, kg/l - 0,8705
  • Viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s - 14,0
  • Viscosity at 40°C , mm2/s - 94,9
  • Viscosity at –40°C, mPa s - 12030
  • Viscosity index - 151
  • Flash point, °C - 205
  • Pour point, °C - <–50
  • Total base number, mg KOH/g - 2,0
  • Sulphated ash, wt%.- 0,02
  • Note. Typical values are indicated.

XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI is specially colored red.
Compatible with the oils for automatic transmissions (Dexron, Mercon).
XADO ATF VI is not recommended for application in automatic transmissions of passenger cars Ford, Mazda, Toyota and Volvo produced before 1980 where ATF Type F(G) is specified.
XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI can be used in hydraulic systems of steering booster, mechanical transmissions according to auto manufacturers specifications.


XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI meets the requirements:

GM Dexron VI (GM# 10060)  


Can 1 L (XA 20124)


Extended life span, comfort, smoothness of gear shifting will be always kept in top condition due to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.


  • Improves operation of transmission friction clutches, ensures smooth transmission shift.
  • Increases operating reliability and extends service life of control gears.
  • Improves accuracy of transmission and hydraulics operation, ensuring comfortable driving.
  • Transfers engine torque effectively.
  • High fluidity at low temperatures (pour point lower than -55°C ), quick transmission start.
  • Protects transmission parts from corrosion, keeps transmission clean, prevents foam formation, keeps elasticity of seals.
  • Reduces fuel consumption due to the decreased high-temperature viscosity.
  • Damps extreme loads.
  • Reduces noise and vibration.

The base oil for XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI is formulated on basis of high-purity (purity 99,9%) base oils by technology of hydrocracking synthesis .

XADO Atomic Oil ATF VI has low viscosity and hence high fluidity at low temperatures (does not thicken at up to – 55°C ). It ensures quick start of transmission operation after car standstill.

Due to low high-temperature viscosity (6 мм2/с at 100°C) hydrodynamic losses in automatic transmissions are minimized and fuel consumption during car operation is reduced.

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