Industrial and Governmental Sectors

Industrial Sectors

Many industrial enterprises and governmental organizations around the Globe, such as manufacturing plants, public transportation companies (tracking, municipal transportation, railways, and subways), power plants, etc., utilize XADO® lubricants, chemicals and Revitalizing nano technology products.

XADO® Revitalization nano technology possess unique repairing, regenerating and protective characteristics to reduce fuel and energy costs, reduce harmful emissions and increase operational efficiency thus saving large sums of money and leading to conservation of material, energy and the environment.

XADO Solution

XADO Revitalizant Gels and Greases can be used on any metal-to-metal contact surface. Case studies of XADO Products used for show:

  • Reduce friction coefficient by several times
  • Save up to 30% on energy costs
  • Smoothes pitting from wear and corrosion on metal surfaces by 90%
  • Protects parts from future wear and corrosion with a cermet coating that penetrates metal surfaces between 10 and 30 microns
  • Provides a minimum 5:1 ROI on energy and repair costs

XADO Revitalizant is compatible with any mineral or synthetic oil, grease or fuel grade. It is chemically inert with respect to these substances, and does not affect their viscosity. It simply uses them to be distributed into working friction surfaces.


The following are the various types of industrial and manufacturing equipment that can be treated with XADO Revitalizants:

Industrial Sectors
  • High Pressure Fuel Pumps(HPFPS)
  • Industrial Bearings and Open Gear Trains
  • Industrial Compressors of all Types
  • Industrial Hydraulic Systems
  • Industrial Reducers and Transmissions
  • Industrial-purpose Diesel Engines
  • Industrial Blowers and Smoke Extractors
  • Machine Tools and Equipment
  • Transmissions, Gear boxes, Transfer Boxes & Reducers
  • Forging Hammers, Presses and Punches
  • Open Tooth and Chain Gears

We offer special pricing and terms to qualified Industrial accounts and Governmental institutions on XADO® Revitalizants and other products.

Please contact us for any additional information or other inquires.