ХАDО® grease 300

ХАDО® grease 300

Semifluid synthetic grease paste. Manufactured on the basis of mineral oil, polymer components and special additives. Contains atomic revitalizant and compensates the wear of parts up to 30%.

Designed for lubrication of hermetically sealed bearings of slow-speed loaded equipment of brick and welding manufacture, foundry production operating at temperatures up to +300°С. Applied to equipment of metallurgical, chemical and mining and concentrating combines. Can be used as antifreeze grease.

Technical data:

  • Colour                                     pink
  • Flash point in open cup, °С    at least 305
  • Dispersity, µm                         < 5
  • Temperature range, °С           -60 … +250

Lubricating properties during the test on a four-ball machine (20±5 °С):  

  • Weld point (Рс), Н                 > 1960
  • Critical load (Рк), Н               > 519


Used instead of regular grease after its complete removal and cleaning of assembly.

The paste is packed in quantity necessary for a certain assembly or mechanism.

When used in open or semi-closed bearing assemblies, the grease may partially leak through clearances, that’s why it needs to be repacked from time to time.


Tube 125 ml (Art. ХА 30207)

Cartridge 450 ml (Art. XA 30007)

Can 1 kg (Art. XA 30507)

Barrel 54 kg (Art. XA 30607)

Barrel 180 kg (Art. XA 30707)

  • Modern antiwear and EP additive package imparts outstanding lubricating properties to the grease and guarantees its high bearing capacity by significant loads in bearings.
  • Possesses perfect water-repellent properties.
  • Long life of the grease is guaranteed due to high mechanical stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Due to the presence of atomic revitalizant, the lubricant keeps the surfaces of assembly parts in perfect condition, prevents formation of scratches and corrosion, decreases noise and vibrations.
  • Increases the remaining life expectancy of bearings by 3 times and contributes to energy saving.
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