Fully synthetic grease. Designed for universal application in a wide temperature range under influence of radiation, solvents, aggressive chemicals, as well as by operation in high vacuum.

Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®.

Field of application:

Rolling and sliding bearings, sliding guideways, chain bearings exposed to the influence of extremely high temperatures and chemically aggressive mediums such as concentrated acids, lies, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen etc.

Lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings in electric motors, fans and induced-draft fans, calenders, tire forming machines, overhead conveyers and machines for manufacturing corrugated cardboard, drying drums, varnishing and burning furnaces.

Due to the excellent compatibility with plastics and elastomers, it is used in auto industry for noise elimination in passenger compartments of cars by friction of plastic parts.

Technical data:

  • Appearance:                            soft white grease
  • Drop point, °С, not lower than: 250
  • Penetration at 25°С, mmˉ¹       265-295

Temperature range, °С  

  • long-term:                                -30…+250
  • short-term:                               up to +280

Lubricating properties during the test on a four-ball machine (20±5) °С:  

  • Weld point, N                            ≥ 4900
  • Corrosive impact on metal        Withstands


Meets the requirements:

NLGI 2 (ASMT D D217) KF FK 2 U-30 (DIN 51 502)


  1. It is recommended to conduct a compatibility test for the grease and contacting materials before commercial application;
  2. Clean the contacting surfaces before applying the grease;; It is not recommended to mix the grease with other lubricating materials;
  3. The grease can be applied manually, using a brush, or using a manual lubricating gun;
  4. By manual application: remove the old grease and pack not more than 2/3 of the free volume of the bearing (assembly) with the grease;
  5. When using a lubricating gun: introduce the grease through the lubricator until it shows in clearances of the lubricated joint.


Syringe 30 ml (Art. ХА 30128) 

Tube 125 ml (Art. ХА 30228) 

Can 1 kg (Art. XA 30528)

  • Long-lasting lubrication by extremely high temperatures;
  • Extremely low evaporating capability;
  • Exceptional stability against thermal or chemical decay;
  • Perfect resistance to the influence of chemically aggressive mediums, solvents, radiation and high vacuum;
  • Excellent compatibility with plastics and elastomers;
  • Reliable protection from corrosion;
  • REVITALIZANT® present in the grease provides unique antiwear properties and, by regular application of the grease, allows to fully compensate the ongoing wear and to eliminate up to 30% of the accumulated mechanical wear.
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