High-temperature grease paste. Manufactured on the basis of a complex of solid lubricating materials with mineral oil and non-organic thickener. Contains atomic revitalizant and compensates the wear of parts up to 30%.

Applied as sealing grease for gaskets, for lubrication of friction surfaces of press mold parts in foundry production as well as anti-adhesive grease for formlining surfaces. 

Technical data:

  • Colour                                                   silver
  • Drop point, °С                                       > 1000
  • Dispersity, µm                                       < 5
  • Penetration at 25 °С, mmˉ¹                   270
  • Temperature range of application, °С   -10…+1100

Lubricating properties during the test on a four-ball machine (20±5 °С):  

  • Critical load (Рк), N                             > 392


Used instead of regular grease after its complete removal and cleaning of assembly.

The paste is packed in quantity necessary for a certain assembly or mechanism.


Tube 125 ml (Art. ХА 30209)

Cartridge 450 ml (Art. XA 30009)

Can 1 kg (Art. XA 30509)

Barrel 54 kg (Art. XA 30609)

  • Designed for lubrication of thermally-loaded slide bearings, with maximum operating temperature of up to +1100°С. 
  • Provides reliable lubrication and protection from scratch formation and adhesion of friction surfaces of thermally-loaded assemblies and telescopic guides of equipment of metallurgical production, forging plants and thermochemical treatment areas at maximum operating temperature of up to +1100 °С. Application is allowed in low-speed (up to 1000 min-1) roller bearings.
  • Contains no metals.
  • Efficiently protects points of contact from corrosion.
  • Prevents baking or burning out under prolonged influence of high temperatures.
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