ХАDО® restoring grease 20K for high-speed mechanism

ХАDО® restoring grease 20K for high-speed mechanism

ХАDО® restoring grease 20K for high-speed mechanism is high-speed grease on the basis of mineral oil. Contains atomic revitalizant and compensates the wear of parts up to 50%.

Recommended for application in high-speed assemblies and mechanisms with the wear factor of 10 to 50%, operating at rotation rates of up to 20,000 min-1. Possesses revitalizing effect. Provides effective protection from abrasive and corrosive wear. Can be used as moderately temperature-resistant grease.

Technical data:

  • Colour light yellow
  • Drop point, °С                                       > 250
  • Penetration, at 25°С                             220-250
  • Viscosity, Pa/s, at 0°С                          180-200
  • Temperature range of application, °С   -30 - +140
  • Dispersity, µm                                       < 5

Lubricating properties during the test on a four-ball machine (25 ± 5 °С):  

  • Weld point (Рс), N                                  > 2450
  • Critical load (Рк), N                                > 392
  • Velocity ratio, n × dm                             600.000


ХАDО® restoring grease 20K meets the requirements:

NLGI 3 KP 3 N-30 (DIN 51502)


Used instead of regular grease after its complete removal and cleaning of assembly.

The grease is applied to working surfaces of parts in a thin layer not thicker than 0.2 mm.

Full packing of bearings with XADO Restoring grease 20К should not be conducted!

Mixing of 20К and 60К greases is not allowed.


Tube 125 ml (Art. ХА 30211)

Cartridge 450 ml (Art. ХА 30011)

Can 1 kg (Art. XA 30511)

Barrel 54 kg (Art. ХА 30611)

Barrel 180 kg (Art. ХА 30711)

ХАDО® restoring grease 20K for high-speed mechanism has the effect of revitalization. Due to its application a protective cermet layer, grown on the crystal lattice of the metal surface, is formed on the friction pairs.

ХАDО® restoring grease 20K for high-speed mechanism restores wear, decreases noise and vibration in the mechanism, and perfectly protects high-speed units against wear.

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