ХАDО® protective grease 20K for high-speed mechanism

ХАDО® protective grease 20K for high-speed mechanism

High-speed grease on the basis of mineral oil.

Contains atomic revitalizant and compensates the wear of parts up to 10%.

ХАDО® protective grease 20K for high-speed mechanism is recommended to be used instead of regular grease in joints and mechanisms operating at the rotation speed up to 20,000 rpm. XADO Revitalizant containing in the grease forms strong cermet layer on the friction surfaces and extends service life of the bearing units by 3-4 times. It shows high adhesive and anticorrosive characteristics.

Technical data:

  • Colour light yellow
  • Drop point, °С                  > 250
  • Penetration at 25°С         220-250
  • Viscosity, Pa/s, at 0°С     180-200
  • Temperature range, °С    -30 - +140
  • Dispersity, µm                  <5

Lubricating properties during the test on a four-ball machine (25± 5 °С):  

  • Weld point (Рс), N           > 2450
  • Critical load (Рк), N         > 392
  • Velocity ratio, n × dm      600.000


Meets the requirements:

NLGI 3 KP 3 N-30 (DIN 51502)


Used instead of regular grease after its complete removal and cleaning of assembly.

The grease is applied in a thin layer to working surfaces of parts.

Full packing of bearings with the grease should not be conducted!

Mixing of 20К and 60К greases is not allowed.


Tube 125 ml (Art. ХА 30210)

Can 1 kg (Art. ХА 30510)

Barrel 54 kg (Art. ХА 30610)

Barrel 180 kg (Art. ХА 30710)

  • Provides prolonged reliable lubrication of assemblies and mechanisms at high rotational speeds and high temperatures.
  • Significantly decreases friction losses and reliably protects parts from wear.
  • Contributes to fuel saving.
  • Applied to the assemblies specified for a full-term grease packing.
  • Can be used as high temperature grease with prolonged effect for the mechanisms operating at temperatures up to 140°С.
  • Allows to eliminate expenses connected with frequent stops of equipment, cleaning and changing of assemblies of bearings.

Note! It is inadmissible to mix greases “20K” and “60K”.

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