ANY WAY Consistent lubricant

ANY WAY Consistent lubricant

It is designed for all types of units and mechanisms, weapon, tools and equipment, which require long-lasting lubricating effect.

It restores the mobility of units and parts; it can penetrate easily and quickly into the rusted or jammed joints, lubricates and separates them. Lubricates reliably and protects from corrosion and oxidation.


  1. Shake the can.
  2. Spray the contents onto the clean surface of the part (joint).


Aerosol can 150 ml (XB30001)

  • Reliably lubricates with a thick grease layer.
  • Easily penetrates into joints.
  • Possesses enhanced anticorrosive properties, provides long-term preservation of the mechanisms if stored outdoors.
  • Protects from penetrating of water, dust, dirt.
  • Owing to revitalizant, it compensates wear and prolongs life span of the mechanisms by 2-4 times.
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