XADO Grease for constant velocity joints

XADO Grease for constant velocity joints

XADO Grease for constant velocity joints

Contains atomic revitalizant.

This XADO grease is the best grease for today for constant velocity joints.

Due to the high-performance level XADO grease exceeds any other greases, containing MoS2.


Manual application:

Remove the old grease and fill 1/2 of the bearing (unit) volume with the grease.

With pressurized application:

Add the grease through the zerk until desired grease volume is reached.


Recommended for new joints and mechanisms.

Use XADO “Restoring” and “Repairing” greases for essential restoring repair.


XADO grease for CV joints meets the requirements:

KOG2K-20 (DIN 51502)


Plastic tube 125 ml (Art. XA 30204)

Spray can 400 ml (Art. XA 30404)

Spray cartridge 450 ml (Art. XA 30004)


  • Perfect grease for constant velocity joints, reduces wear by 2-2.5 times;
  • Protects constant velocity joints from moisture and contaminations for a long time in case the duster is damaged;
  • Superuniversal grease: applied to all car units (navy bearings, ball bearings and hinges, cardan joints of transmission, bearings of pump and generator). It is also used in joints of industrial and household equipment (open gearings, sliding and frictionless bearings, pinions of manual polishing machines, chains etc);
  • Compatible with automotive and industrial lithium greases of all types, can be mixed with them in any proportion;
  • The grease keeps perfect lubricating properties under any operating mode (extremely heavy loads, high and low shear rate, high temperatures, dust level and moisture);
  • Prevents formation of scratches and corrosion, reduces noise and vibration;
  • Due to atomic revitalizant the grease keeps joint surfaces in top condition.


  • Atomic revitalizant provides unique anticorrosion properties.
  • XADO grease for CV joints has advantages in comparison with greases with molybdenum-disulphide.
  • Doesn’t contain MoS2. That’s why the grease doesn’t form solid particles on friction surfaces, and in case the duster of CV joints is damaged, the grease doesn’t form abrasive and aggressive acids.
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