XADO Protective Grease

XADO Protective Grease

XADO Grease Protective is applied for protection of units and mechanisms operating under heavy loads.

This grease is a universal substitute for all consistent greases and protects surfaces from wear.

Removes factory defects of new frictionless bearings.

Extends the life span of the parts considerably.


Technical info:

The patented formula of this up-to-date grease is based on a composition of XADO revitalizant and EP complex (Extreme Pressure).


Step 1: Remove the old grease.

Step 2: Fill 1/2 of unit volume with XADO Protective grease .


  • The grease is especially effective for protection of bearings from wear (up to 10,000.00 rpm).
  • Recommended for new assemblies and parts.


Polymer package, packet 12 ml (XA 30101)

Tube 125 ml (XA 30201)

Cartridge 450 ml (XA 30001)


  • Extends life span of joints;
  • Compensates 10% wear;
  • Restores scratches and microcracks;
  • Reduces noise and vibration;
  • Improves the treatment coefficient Ra up to 0,06 mkm;
  • Rejects heat from friction area;
  • Protects units from hostile environment.
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