Verylube Metal Conditioner TURBO
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Verylube Metal Conditioner TURBO

Metal Coditioner TURBO is the product of modern nanotechnologies and designed for the complex protection and recovery of friction parts of regular and turbocharged engines (that is why the product has the name TURBO). 

In every drop of Metal Conditioner TURBO consists  billions of bearings which were created from the carbon molecules C60 and aliphatic hydrocarbons molecules and reinforced with halogens. 


  • Add the consent of the bottle into engine through oil filter at the rate 1 bottle (125 ml) for 3-5 L of machine oil. The optimal concentration is – 3 from the volume of oil. Acceptable overdose up to 50 (i.e. up to 4,5 from the oil volume ).
  • The product has soft cleaning properties that make possible to clean from chark the rings.
  • For best performance use the product constantly with the oil change.
  • Guaranteed increscent of the resistance from wear-out of the engine up to 2-4 times with the mileage over 1865 ml without overhaul (during the constant usage from the moment of the processing)


  • 125 ml – plastic bottle (Art. XB 40060)

Constant usage of the Metal Conditioner TURBO guarantees:

  • Increases the power of engine;
  • Increases the compression;
  • Decreases the noise and vibration level;
  • Decreases  oil consumption;
  • Improves the dynamic characteristics of car;
  • Decreases fuel consumption;
  • Protects from engine wear-out;
  • Makes cold start easier;
  • Decreases harmful emissions;
  • Supports the engine operation even during the complete oil leakage.
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