AtomEx F8 Complex Formula (Gasoline)

AtomEx F8 Complex Formula (Gasoline)

Product Designed To Protect Gasoline Engine against Low-Quality Fuel

Even a single fueling with low-quality fuel may result in unstable operation and hampered engine start, clogging of the fuel system, power decrease, and fuel consumption increase. In some cases this cause failure of fuel equipment and sealing of a catalyst.

Solution: application of the product, which eliminates negative effects of operation on low-quality fuel.

Fueling with contaminated fuel and accidental water entry may cause pump breakdown, hanging-up of injector needles.

Solution: revitalizant contained in the product will reliably protect fuel equipment parts, pump and injector from wear.


Pour the product into a fuel tank before fueling.


The product is compatible with gasoline of all types, safe for catalyst converters, oxygen sensors and valves.

Apply if necessary. Can be applied with every fueling.


250 ml of product for 40-60 L of fuel.


Aluminium can 250 ml (XA 40313)

Due to the revitalizant, AtomEx F8 Complex Formula:

  • Ensures smooth and frictionless engine operation on fuel of any quality;
  • Reliably protects fuel system after accidental fueling;
  • Efficiently cleans all parts of the fuel system;
  • Improves fuel quality;
  • Removes moisture from gasoline;
  • Contributes to fuel economy;
  • Prevents early breakage of an accelerator
  • Improves the properties of low-quality fuel up to the level of brand marks
  • Insures engine operation on standard gasoline as if on sport gasoline
  • Reliably protects fuel system when using low-quality fuel
  • Forms firm antiwear coating on the fuel equipment parts directly during the mechanism operation;
  • Restores pump* performance to the nominal level and improves fuel dispersion;
  • Protects injector needle from hanging-up during operation on low-quality fuel;
  • Increases performance reliability and extends service life of the fuel system parts

*with pendulum or gear rollers.

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