Verylube ABSOLUT Plus
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Verylube ABSOLUT Plus

Flush for engine oil system, cleaning rings from carbon 

Safely and efficiently cleans engine oil system from any kind of contaminations including severe lacquer contaminations (yellow). Disperses dissolved contaminations, keeps them in suspension state and removes them with the used oil.

Application instructions:

It is recommended to use ABSOLUT® Plus for intensive cleaning of engine oil system before oil change. It is especially effective for cleaning the stuck piston rings from carbon caused by short-term engine overheating.

  1. Add ABSOLUT® Plus into the oil filler neck of the warmed up engine.
  2. Drive 75-100 km in a regular operating mode.
  3. Change oil and oil filter.


300 ml (1 can) for 5 L of oil. 


Can 300 ml (XB40164)


  • Cleans engine oil system to the technical cleanness;
  • Cleans cylinder-piston group and restores movement of the rings;
  • Especially effective for cleaning stuck piston rings from carbon;
  • Eliminates slap, stabilizes the valve hydro tappets work;
  • Improves turbine operation of the engine with supercharging.
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