AtomEx Super Start

AtomEx Super Start

Product for quick engine start.

Effective product for quick and easy start of all types of engines: gasoline (carburetor- or injector-type), diesel, four- and two-stroke, rotary engines.


Shake the bottle.

To start the gasoline engine. Spray the agent (for 2–3 seconds) into the air filter or intake manifold.

To start the diesel engine. Spray the agent (for 2–3 seconds) into the intake manifold by the non-functioning glow plugs and opened damper plate.

Immediately start the engine.


It is also possible to spray in the agent directly during the engine start (remotely, with the help of another person).


Spray can 400 ml (Art ХА 41114)

  • Makes the engine start extremely easy by cold weather, high humidity, wet spark plugs, weak battery, low quality of fuel;
  • Decreases engine wear by start;
  • Economic in use;
  • Especially effective in winter during the temperatures below –5°.
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