Mineral low-viscosity flushing oil for engines and transmissions with a complex of special additives. Contains revitalizant.
VERYLUBE flushing oil is designed to clean oil systems of engines and transmissions. Special detergent-dispersant, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives allow safe flushing of the oil system (for 30-40 minutes) and its efficient cleaning from all types of contaminations (up to potential purity). During flushing XADO revitalizant creates a protective reserve against wear.


  • Drain warm used oil;
  • Pour in VERYLUBE flushing oil until the minimum point on the probe;
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 10-15 minutes (if the engine is badly contaminated – for 30-40 minutes);
  • Stop the engine, pour out flushing oil, and replace oil filter;
  • Pour in XADO Atomic oil.


  • Drain warm used oil;
  • Pour in VERYLUBE flushing oil into the transmission assembly up to the nominal level;
  • Let the assembly work without load (with put-up wheels) for 10-15 minutes, and up to 30-40 minutes in case of severe contamination;
  • Turn off the engine and drain flushing oil;
  • Pour in XADO Atomic oil for transmissions.

Attention! Do not drive with the flushing oil in the system!


  • Densityy at 20°C , kg/l - 0.885
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s - 30.0
  • Viscosity index - >100
  • Flash point,  °C- 210
  • Pour point, °C - <15
  • Total base number, mgKOH/g - 3.4


  • 2 L – pack (Art. XB 20250); 
  • 10 L – can (Art. XB 20350); 
  • 20 L - can (Art. XB 20350); 
  • 60 L – barrel (Art. XB 20450); 
  • 200 L – barrel (Art. XB 20550).
  • Absolutely safe flush of the oil system up to potential purity (VitaFlush Technology).
  • Reserve of wear protection (XADO Technology).
  • Possibility of intensive flushing of strong-contaminated assemblies (up to 30-40 min) with anti-wear additives.
  • Restoration of mobility of oil rings and compression rings.
  • Elimination of the hydraulic compensators lock.

In contrast to other flushing oils, VERYLUBE flushing oil contains a complex of special additives (detergent-dispersant, anti-wear and extreme pressure), it allows safe flushing of the engine oil system up to the potential purity. 

  • Special low-viscosity base of the oil ensures its easy circulation in the oil system and fast neutralization of sludge contaminations; 
  • Highly effective detergent additives clean carefully internal engine surfaces from sludge and carbon; 
  • Anti-wear and extreme pressure additives ensure safe flushing of the lubricating system during prolonged flushing process (up to 30-40 min).
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