AtomEx Stop Leak Engine

AtomEx Stop Leak Engine

Contains special components that restore the elasticity of sealing materials resulting in oil leakage elimination.


  1. Introduce the product into warm motor oil.
  2. The sealing effect occurs in 300-500 km of run.

Universal application for all engine types (automobiles and stationary installations, motor boats, motorcycles etc.).

The product is safe for turbocharged engines.


1 can (250 ml) of the product for 4-5 L of oil, for small engines shall not exceed 10 % of the oil volume.


Aluminium can 250 ml (XA40313)

  • Restores elasticity and stretchability of rubber gaskets and seals;
  • Stops oil leakages from the engine and prevents their emerging in the future;
  • Improves "seal-metal" contact;
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repair;
  • Compatible with motor oils of all types.
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