Verylube Complex Fuel system cleaner for diesel engines

Verylube Complex Fuel system cleaner for diesel engines

  • Cleans jets, pistons, combustion chamber
  • Increases engine power
  • Reduces fuel consumption

When using regular diesel fuel, the deposits are formed on the jets and fuel system is contaminated. These deposits decrease the engine power, increase the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, cause vibration at idling.

Application instructions:

Before fueling, add the cleaner into the hole of the fuel tank.


250 ml can for 40-60 L of diesel fuel.


For better results, apply the product every 5000 km of run.


Detergent-dispersant and anticorrosion additives of BASF chemical company, aliphatic hydrocarbons.


250 ml – can (Art. ХВ 30025)

  • Cleans jet sprayers, fuel pipes, pistons and combustion chamber from deposits, prevents its further formation
  • Restores engine power and its parameters to the nominal ones
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Reduces detonation risk
  • Eliminates problems of cold start
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