Water and ice remover from gasoline

Fast-acting product designed to remove moisture from the fuel system. It breaks the water drops and ice crystals, distributing them evenly throughout the whole volume of fuel. As a result, moisture is removed together with the exhausts during the process of fuel combustion. It keeps the parts of a fuel system in ideal condition and protects them from corrosion. It is recommended for regular use. It defrosts door locks and protects them from freezing.


To remove moisture and ice from the fuel system of gasoline engines.
1. Introduce Aquastop through the neck of a fuel tank, at a ratio10 ml (1 tube) for 5 liters of gasoline
2. Run the car as usual


As a preventive measure (before winter season and each time at sharp temperature drops).


Add Aquastop to the fuel tank at a ratio 10 ml (1 tube) for 20 liters of gasoline at each filling.


Tube in blister package 10 ml (XB 40156)

  • Quickly and efficiently removes water from the fuel system due to emulsification of moisture in gas;
  • Prevents water condensation in a fuel tank;
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion.
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