Antigel +
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Antigel +

Formulated to lower the freezing temperature of diesel fuel. Superconcentrate. Contains highly effective depressors and components increasing cetane ratio. Contains revitalizant.


  • Add XADO ANTIGEL+ into the oil-filler neck of a fuel tank at a ratio of 1 ml for 1 L of fuel.


  • Add XADO ANTIGEL+ warmed up to 20...25 °C into unfrozen (transparent) diesel fuel.
  • Does not require additional agitation.
  • Used in winter and summer fuel.
  • Recommended to use in winter season and at abrupt temperature changes. 


Can 100 ml (Art. XA 40902)

Can 200 ml (Art. XA 40302)

Can 500 ml (Art. XA 40002)

Can 1 L (XA 40102)


  • The best in current market complex and highly efficient product designed to improve low-temperature properties of diesel fuel. It is used universally for all types of diesel fuel. Due to revitalizant, it effectively protects pump elements of the fuel system from wear and tear and seizure when moisture gets into the fuel.
  • Lowers freezing temperature of summer diesel fuel from -10°C to -20°C , winter diesel fuel from -35°C to - 45°C.
  • Improves pumpability of fuel through the filter and allows easy diesel engine start at temperatures below –25°C .
  • Universal in application for all types of feed systems of diesel engines including CommonRail and pump-injector units (Pumpe- Düse).
  • Contains modifier of cetane ratio.
  • Increases engine power and decreases detonation knocking.
  • Optimizes fuel combustion process due to more efficient injector operation and saves fuel.
  • Protects against negative consequences of low-quality fuel.
  • Protects the fuel system of diesel engines against corrosion.
  • Improves lubricating properties of diesel fuel.
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