Verylube A/C CLEANER
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Verylube A/C CLEANER

Product for cleaning and maintenance of automobile air conditioners.

It is used for in-place cleaning of air-ways of complicated configuration in the modern automobile air conditioners. It removes contaminations quickly and easily and provides inflow of fresh air. It has disinfectant properties. It kills fungi and bacteria, thus preventing the risk of allergies and other respiratory diseases. You can purchase this product wholesale and retail


  1. Shake the can.
  2. Spray the contents into the deflector (airway) for cold air of the air conditioner, using tube extender.
  3. In 15–30 minutes start the engine and let it idle for 3–4 minutes with air conditioner fan turned-on.


It contains biologically active substances.

  1. Spray the substance when the engine is turned off with opened doors in a well-ventilated area or outside.


Aerosol can 320 ml (Art. XB 40016)

  • Cleans the air conditioner from contaminations and provides an inflow of clean and pure air from the air conditioner.
  • Disinfects the air conditioning system, eliminates musty odor, kills fungi and bacteria.
  • Forms a bactericide film on the air conditioner evaporator and airways.
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