Wax anticorrosion coating for hard-to-reach car body areas. 

High-performance rust preventive product designed to protect internal surfaces of car body hollow parts: door hollows, spars, fenders etc.
Specially designed for anti-corrosive car body treatment based on the Swedish ML method (spreading, preserving, and "sealing up").
Can be applied to metal and lac¬quer coating surfaces. Spreads well and penetrates into the smallest cavities which require protection, such as weld seams and cracks.


1. Clean open surfaces of the parts from dirt, rust, and dust. 

2. Shake the can. 

3. Spray the content onto the surface at a distance of 20-30 cm. 

4. VERYLUBE ANTICOR ML should be applied in one layer. 

5. Use an extension pipe to treat closed surfaces. 


The ambient air temperature while treating should be +15...20 ºC. 

Can be used in the engine compartment. 

Excess of ANTICOR ML can be easily removed with VERYLUBE TAR STAIN REMOVER 


Aerosol can 500 ml (Art. XB 40129)

  • Forms a very thin protective film (40 micron) with strong adhesion.
  • Removes moisture.
  • Seals up centers of corrosion attacks.
  • Has high resistance to chemical activity (weak acids, alkali, etc.).
  • Keeps up the form, does not trickle down from vertical surfaces.
  • Stable to the temperature up to 160 ºC.
  • Economical in application (can 500 ml for 20 m2).
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