AtomEx Tire Sealant

AtomEx Tire Sealant

Designed for eliminating poor tightness of tubed and tubeless tires.

Applied to passenger cars and light trucks.


  1. Remove the object that has pierced the tire.
  2. Turn the tire in such a way as to place the blowout area downwards, drop the tire pressure until the rim touches the ground.The temperature of the tire sealant should not be lower than +15 °ะก. In cold weather, the sealant can be warmed up onto the car heater. Do not warm up the can on an open fire!
  3. Thoroughly shake the can.
  4. Tightly screw on the adapter of the plastic pipe of the can onto the tire vent. Hold the can so that the valve is above.
  5. Open the protective cap, press the valve and hold it until the can is completely emptied.
  6. Fill in the tire up to 80% of the regular tire pressure.
  7. Drive 1–2 km and fill in the tire up to the normal tire pressure.


The composition is not recommended to repair tires with small inner volume (mopeds, bicycles etc.), as it is possible to damage the tire because of the high pressure. The product does not eliminate air leaks through the valve and mounting surface of the tire (around the disk rim).

Ingredients: combination of organic solvents, carboxylic acid, adhesion additives, hydrocarbon propellant-gas.


Spray can 500 ml (Art. XA 40040) 

  • Repairs in 1 minute;
  • Does not impact wheel balance;
  • Reliably seals leaks;
  • Does not freeze in winter;
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