AtomEx Brake Cleaner

AtomEx Brake Cleaner

Effective product for cleaning and degreasing parts of the brake system.

Designed for cleaning of metal surfaces from dirt and grease. Flushes dirt due to the high pressure. Quickly dries, leaves the surface completely clean.

Applied also for cleaning bicycle chains and two-wheel motor vehicles. Can be used for degreasing metal surfaces before application of glues and sealers.


Protect painted surfaces from the cleaner.

Shake the bottle.

Spray plenty of the cleaner onto the treated surfaces.

Use the extension pipe to get to hard-to-reach places.


Spray can 600 ml (Art. ХА 40037)

  1. Eliminates screeching of brake pads;
  2. Increases braking efficiency;
  3. Decreases wear and heating of brake mechanisms;
  4. Cleans brake system parts without disassembling.
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